Force Fit XL Review – The Shocking Truth Revealed


Force Fit XL is a male enhancement supplement designed to help with a range of different issues and health elements, primarily with testosterone production. If you’ve ever used supplements before, you probably know that many brands struggle to provide any proper benefits, and you can’t always trust marketing material to tell you the truth. Are the Force Fit XL reviews across the internet telling the truth, and do they live up to the standard they’re supposed to be reaching?

What is it?

There’s not much information available about its ingredients, at least in terms of percentages and how much each capsule contains. Different Force Fit XL reviews give conflicting information on what’s it’s actually made of, which makes it hard to compare to other supplements. However, some of the known elements and additives include:

  • Maca Root

Maca is a Peruvian plant that’s meant to help improve stamina, sex drive, and fertility, as well as offering a lot of nutrition in a single vegetable. The roots are low in fat and contain a lot of carbs, as well as a not-insignificant amount of fiber and some assorted vitamins and minerals.

Clinical tests and trials have shown that Maca root is able to increase the sexual desire and libido of both men and woman in the short-term, as well as sperm count. As an exercise supplement, however, it’s often said to be great for helping you gain more muscle mass, as well as providing extra energy and stamina to make workouts much easier. This doesn’t just apply to session-based exercise: some cyclists use it on long-distance rides, and it can come in handy for walkers or hikers that need the extra energy.

  • Ginseng Mix

Ginseng Mix is simply a mixture of various herbs related to ginseng, which is known for lowering blood pressure and improving concentration, as well as providing a boost to the user’s immune system to stop them from catching colds or other illnesses. It also has a range of less-relevant benefits, such as treating cancer and hepatitis C, and can even help with erectile dysfunction.

A lot of these benefits are still unconfirmed from a scientific standpoint, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll cause the same responses in everybody, but even their handful of confirmed effects is more than enough to make almost any kind of ginseng worthwhile.

However, it can have certain side effects. As a stimulant, all of the usual effects are present, such as an inability to sleep, stomach aches and severe headaches. As long as you’re careful and moderate how much you take, this shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Yohimbe Extract

Yohimbe extract is taken from an evergreen tree of the same name, and is often meant to be used as both an athletic and sexual aid. It can treat both minor and major sexual issues (anything from depression-based arousal issues to physical erectile dysfunction) in both sexes, and is also used to help with weight loss, blood pressure regulation and nerve pains.

However, its long list of benefits is weighed down by the fact that I can be unsafe in high doses. The more you take, the more likely you are of encountering things like increases pulses, heart attacks, kidney failures, chills, skin issues, and even temporary lupus. It can be incredibly dangerous to people with schizophrenia, PTSD, or certain organ diseases.

  • Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is another herb that’s known for boosting testosterone and libido, providing a high increase in overall testosterone production while also allowing your body to control blood sugar properly. Alongside this is the natural appetite control it offers, preventing you from eating at much without feeling hungry like you normally wood.

The main side effects are mostly things like indigestion, with the worst-case-scenario generally being diarrhea from prolonged use. However, if you have medical issues that affect your blood sugar levels or key organs, you should check with a doctor before using anything containing Fenugreek for your own safety.

  • Tongkat Ali

Another herb, mostly used for sexual health and libido. It’s usually treated as an aphrodisiac, but it might also have a slight impact on testosterone levels and muscle mass. In certain amounts, it can have a very positive effect on the amount of testosterone you produce, although it doesn’t always work for certain people.

There are no known side effects from taking Tongkat Ali by itself, although certain supplements have been known to combine it with mercury, which can cause mild mercury poisoning if you increase the dosage too much. Since Force Fit XL doesn’t seem to use this kind of mixture, it’s essentially completely safe.

  • Boron

A natural element that seems to help your body process certain minerals, as well as increasing your mental functions and reaction times. Since it’s a mineral, it isn’t tested as openly as other ingredients, but it’s treated as a safe and side-effect-free additive in many supplements.

  • D-Aspartic Acid

This is another ingredient that boosts testosterone production. However, studies have confirmed that this particular ingredient doesn’t help with muscle mass and growth on its own, making it a passive source of testosterone that’s mainly useful to complement other ingredients. Tests have shown that there were no long-term side effects, although it can cause headaches and other minor concentration issues if taken daily for a long period of time.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This is yet another natural herb that’s able to boost testosterone and libido, as well as possibly enhancing your athletic performance and stamina. It’s mainly meant to be used for sexual purposes, so it’s unknown how much value it actually has as a workout aid. Long-term use is relatively safe, but you can still encounter issues like diarrhea, cramping and sleeping issues if you take it regularly.

How does it work?

Most Fit Force XL reviews will tell you the same general thing: it’s meant to improve your testosterone production and body health, making it easier to exercise, build muscle, feel arousal and perform physical activities without pumping yourself full of chemicals and artificial stimulants. This isn’t particularly complex or difficult – the powder’s simply taken orally in capsules, each of which is supposed to sustain and boost you for a single long exercise session (or, alternatively, most of a day of casual walking, cycling and working).

Since they’re oral capsules, you don’t need to mix them into other foods as you would with packets of powder, making them more versatile as a result. The ingredients break down in your stomach in the same way, so this doesn’t make them any less effective.

Is it safe?

As mentioned earlier, the most dangerous part of the mixture of the Yohimbe extract, mainly due to the fact that it’s not as widely tested as the other ingredients, and the side effects can be dangerous if you overdose. However, if taken normally and carefully, you won’t run into any serious problems – the ingredients are almost completely natural, and they don’t produce any directly harmful effects in an average person.

Does it actually work?

The idea behind this supplement is quite simple, and many Fit Force XL reviews bring up that it’s quite effective for what it is. While it’s definitely not as strong as a supplement made entirely out of artificial stimulants and muscle boosters, you’re far less likely to harm your body by taking them, making them a very simple alternative to other brands that might cause you more harm in the long-term.

Final Summary

So, are the positive Force Fit XL reviews telling the truth? Well, it’s definitely an interesting take on the idea of a normal performance aid: testosterone production can be an important part of many people’s bodies, regardless of what they need it for. Low testosterone is mostly linked to sexual performance, but it can also reduce muscle mass growth, stamina, general health, and overall stretch, with different people relying on it more than others.

Force Fit XL isn’t a stimulant, and it won’t help you lose weight or build muscle on its own, but it can be an incredibly useful supplement as long as you keep to a solid workout routine and integrate it into your lifestyle properly. The indirect benefits it provides through testosterone production make it much safer than directly altering your body’s performance, so it could even be a great choice for first-time supplement users.