Plexus Diet Review – Is it Weight Loss Effective?


Plexus Slim is marketed as a quick, easy weight loss supplement that can be mixed into almost any drink, acting as both an appetite suppressant and an artificial way to reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar. As with all weight loss plans and diet supplements, it’s important to know what you’re taking, especially when it can have a direct impact on your health. How does Plexus work? Is it safe? And will it actually produce the effects you’re hoping for?

What is it?

So what is Plexus, exactly? Plexus Slim is made from a mixture of different ingredients, which are meant to have a positive impact on your body weight and health. To make it easier to add to drinks and other liquids, it comes in small packets of powder, with a single packet being roughly enough for an average glass of a drink of your choice.

The main ingredients are:

  • Chromium

Chromium is known for enhancing and boosting insulin, which your body needs to convert calories into fats and turn nutrients into energy. It’s also capable of controlling your blood sugar level, so it’s commonly used by diabetic people or those that are taking certain medical treatments. Taken orally, it’s able to reduce the chances of a range of different problems occurring, including binge eating disorders and heart attacks.

When used as a weight-loss supplement on its own, it’s often said to be great for athletic performance and fat burning, although many studies show that this only works in extremely large amounts.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

The Chlorogenic Acid in these beans is supposedly good for natural weight loss, since they don’t require much processing and contain a lot of useful chemicals. These chemicals disappear when they’re roasted like regular coffee beans. They’re known to improve cholesterol in certain animals, and has made it harder for them to gain weight during trials, with further tests on humans showing similar results. However, since full-scale tests haven’t been carried out yet, it’s unknown whether or not this is a consistent benefit that every user will experience.

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This natural extract comes from a tropical fruit, and is supposed to help you manage your body’s cholesterol levels and blood sugar, as well as blocking certain enzymes that are used to create and store fat. In certain cases, it can also increase the amount of serotonin in your brain, making it take longer for your body to register hunger.

Although it’s been shown to promote weight loss, nobody can agree how effective it is, and test results have varied. However, they still show that people lose slightly more weight, and the added benefits for diabetes sufferers makes it a useful weight loss additive.

  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This acid is mainly meant to help prevent cell damage, but the body can also use it to break down and use up carbohydrates, turning them into energy faster and improving your overall athletic performance. This also has the side effect of leaving less for your body to try and store, which can contribute to weight loss under certain circumstances. It’s sometimes even recommended for people who are obese, since it can reduce body weight without requiring constant exercise or other chemicals to work properly.

The Chromium makes up a tiny 200 micrograms of the mixture, while the rest of the ingredients – referred to as Plexus Slim Blend – fill up the remaining 530 mg of the mixture.

How does it work?

The ingredients used in Plexus Slim are designed to promote natural weight loss at a slow rate, with or without an exercise routine or other kinds of medical assistance. While there’s no real test evidence to show that this works in total, the individual ingredients have all been tested, and they all have a range of different effects that relate to your body weight, overall health and the amount of fat you can store. It’s also been proven to have an effect on your blood sugar level, with at least two of the ingredients being popular supplements for people with diabetes or other related issues.

One or two of the ingredients are also said to be able to reduce hunger through natural means, working as an appetite suppressant. While this isn’t a way to lose weight in and of itself, it can be a helpful extra step if you’re trying to stick to a certain diet, since it drastically cuts down on your food cravings without putting you in any kind of major harm.

Like all supplements, Plexus products are more effective when you’re keeping to a regular diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle, so just taking them on their own won’t have as much of an effect. This could be an explanation for the inconsistent test results, although it’s hard to know without being able to see and compare them directly.

As an added beneficial b, the green coffee bean extract used in its mixture will provide a boost to metabolism due to the extra caffeine it provides, although there are obviously other ways to consume caffeine and get the same results, making this a fairly minor point.

The dosage is quite simple – it should be taken around half an hour before you’re planning to eat anything else, and you should limit yourself to one cup per day. It’s not recommended to take more than that, even if you have a lot more fat and body mass, but it won’t harm you if you accidentally double up on the dose.

Is it safe?

There aren’t any major side effects that can directly result from taking Plexus Slim, since it’s mostly made of natural chemicals and extracts that boost the body’s existing chemicals and activities rather than artificially forcing a sudden change in your weight, metabolism or energy. As with all products that contain caffeine, you should still make sure you don’t overdose on it – too much can cause sleep issues, headaches, an inability to focus and an increased pulse. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, but it can leave you feeling exhausted and worn out very quickly, and might cause problems if you have certain medical conditions or health issues.

Obviously, if you’re taking any medications for very specific health problems, you should check with your doctor before attempting to use weight loss supplements of any kind. Certain chemicals can react badly to one another, and it can be difficult to figure out how they might react without getting a professional opinion. This is also important for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, or anybody who’s under eighteen years of age, as well as people who are undergoing separate treatments for health problems related to weight loss or gain.

The only known consistent side effect is a minor stomach pain, which can be caused by the garcinia cambogia extract in certain people. There can also be a few other less important side effects, although they’re rarely noticeable enough to have any impact on your day-to-day life.

Chromium can also be an issue in large amounts, so you should check with a doctor if you’re not sure how your body will react. They’re mainly temporary things like bloating and gassiness, so you won’t be in any danger unless you have a highly specific allergy or intolerance to the ingredients.

So, is Plexus safe? In general, yes, as long as you’re not taking it in situations or ways that could be harmful to you. The chance of having an allergy to the ingredients in fairly low, since they’re all extracts rather than complete ingredients.

Does it work?

This is a difficult question to answer, since there aren’t enough studies to provide concrete evidence either way. Each ingredient has been studied separately, and some are more effective than others, but they’ve all had studies that claim they work as well as ones that claim they don’t. Either way, it’s never been fully proven how effective Plexus products are, and there aren’t many records of people attempting some kind of Plexus diet plan.

However, a lot of positive effects have been seen in a range of animals, mostly related to weight loss and blood sugar management. The mixture of ingredients essentially combines multiple different weight loss aids into a single compound, making it

Either way, there’s one key thing that needs to be remembered if you’re starting to use products like Plexus Slim – make sure you combine it with a good lifestyle, rather than just relying on it to help you lose weight by itself. There are very few safe ways to lose fat without having some kind of exercise routine or a better diet, and this is no exception. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – while you won’t be seeing your fat melt away in the course of a single day, you also won’t be subjecting yourself to anything harmful that could cause serious problems with how your body reacts to hunger, fat, and energy.

Combined with proper exercise and a stable diet, you should find yourself fairly reliably, and the increased metabolism can mean that it’s easier to digest food before and after exercise. This also helps you use up your stored fat slightly faster, so an hour of exercise will have greater results even if you don’t change anything about your routine. The Chromium in the mixture has the additional effect of making it harder for you to accumulate fat, meaning that more of it will be burned as energy when you’re exercising.

Even if you don’t immediately start losing weight, you’ll notice a difference, either in your physical performance or your appetite. The slight appetite-suppressing qualities of at least one of the ingredients mean that you’ll feel less hungry, which makes it easier to stick to a light diet or eating schedule if you’re trying to lose weight with more than just exercise.

What do reviews say?

Reviews of Plexus slim are mixed, but in a good way – even some of the negative reviews simply point out that the product was “less effective than expected”, rather than claiming it to be an all-out lie or scam. In an age where supplements are often an easy way for scammers to earn money, this seems to be a good sign.

Some of the positive reviews even claim that the user has lost twice as much as they normally would, or managed to slim down far more than they would have with other methods. While this isn’t easy to verify (since they’re anonymous claims made on the internet), this implies that there’s a chance that you’ll be able to lose a varying amount of weight depending on how much effort you put into your routine.

Like all supplements, Plexus Slim will work better for some people than others based on a variety of factors. Things like body mass, general health, diet, exercise patterns and the amount of activity in your daily lifestyle can all have an impact on how well they work. It’s entirely possible that it would work half as well for one person and twice as well for another, so it’s one of those products that might require a “trial run” before you commit to buying a large regular supply. Because of this, it can also be difficult to compare it to more “instant” methods of losing weight, such as artificial chemicals and medical procedures.

Final Summary

Overall, Plexus Slim (and other related products) seem to be useful for general-purpose weight loss as long as you have a routine to back it up – it’s not a miracle cure for overweight or obese people, but it’s also usually said to be quite effective if it’s used properly and incorporated into other weight loss programs or methods.

The brand’s been around since 2006, and the large amount of praise their products receive must count for something. Even if it’s not the most effective way you can lose weight, Plexus products have a good reputation that they’ve earned legitimately, and they can be a great alternative to many of the more experimental weight loss methods you might have seen in the past. They’re nothing too special, but that just makes them more suitable for a wider audience, especially when you consider that many other supplements use risky medical compounds and chemicals.

Perhaps the most useful part of the various ingredients used in Plexus Slim is the fact that they can help you manage your blood sugar levels – this might seem odd at first, but diabetes can often be a huge setback for people who want to lose weight, and having to balance your blood sugar alongside a diet or exercise routine can be much harder than it seems at first.  As long as you’re careful with how much you’re using, you might find Plexus products ideal for keeping yourself safe while managing both your weight and your diabetes at the same time.

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