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Skinny Body Care is a company that offers a wide range of products with a focus on weight loss and general wellness. This is a multi level marketing company that claims to provide “life changing products” and “life changing results” to go with them. There are, however, a lot of concerns that people have raised about both how effective the skinnybodycare products are and how legitimate the business is overall.

There isn’t much in the way of scientific evidence out there to back up the claims made by skinny body care, which makes skinny body care reviews difficult, but we’ve done some extensive research into this company in order to see what we can find out. Read on to find our conclusions about skinny body care com.

What is Skinny Body Care?

Skinny Body Care is a multi level marketing company that offers weight loss supplements with a focus on boosting your metabolism and energy levels. Multi level marketing companies (MLM) have a well deserved bad reputation, as these are effectively pyramid schemes. We’ll talk about that later, though. was founded in 2010 by Ben Glinsky, a man who seems to be primarily focused on making money rather than on any actual weight loss expertise. The company has been around for several years now, however, so in a world where most MLM companies fade away fairly fast, he must be doing something right.

Skinny Body Care products

Skinny body care offers a wide range of different products at different price levels, but all of these supplements appear to contain the same ingredients, and none of them offer anything at all different to any other weight loss supplement on the market.
The claims made by the company are focused on their innovation and unmatched quality of product, but all of these claims look very familiar. Every company selling weight loss supplements says the same thing, and there’s nothing that helps skinnybodycare com to stand out from the crowd at all, despite their claims of uniqueness.

Skinny body care ingredients

Some of the ingredients used in skinny body care products are raspberry ketones, glucomannan, and garcinia cambogia. These are all ingredients that are connected to weight loss, but none of them have very much scientific backing behind these claims of weight loss effectiveness.

Garcinia cambogia is the big one to look at here. This is a tropical fruit that is used as an active ingredient in a large number of weight loss supplements at the moment. It’s popular because of an appearance on the Dr. Oz tv show, where it was hyped as a “miracle ingredient” for weight loss effects.

The rind of this fruit contains a high level of hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, a chemical that has been claimed to boost fat burning and suppress appetite. Studies indicate that these claims are not entirely inaccurate; garcinia cambogia can have a slight effect on fat burning and appetite, but not enough to make it qualify as a “miracle ingredient” in any way.

What is skinny fiber?

Skinny fiber is the flagship product from skinny body care. It’s a weight loss supplement that contains glucomannan, caralluma fimbriata, and cha de bugre. It also contains seven unspecified digestive enzymes that the company describes as a “hidden factor” for fat loss, without specifying how.

Essentially, skinny fiber is exactly the same as almost every weight loss pill on the market. It’s a selection of natural ingredients that are claimed to boost fat burning, primarily thanks to unsubstantiated claims on the Dr. Oz tv show, and very little scientific backing for anything. While we can’t confidently state that this weight loss supplement does not work at all, it seems very unlikely that it would have any better results than competing brands of diet pill.

Does skinny body care work?

As far as we can tell, Skinny Body Care does not work very well at all. The vast majority of skinny body care product reviews say that the products do not make much difference at all to weight loss efforts, and some say that it causes stomach aches and other minor side effects.

There are a few skinnybodycare reviews out there that say that it works well, but these are outweighed by the large number that say that it is not an effective weight loss supplement. We can’t guarantee that it’ll work for you, and it certainly seems unlikely to work particularly effectively, or any better than any other weight loss pill out there with a better business strategy.

It’s also worth noting that none of’s products have been approved by the Food and Drug Agency (FDA). We were surprised to see the company website admit to this with a visible disclaimer, but that knowledge doesn’t make this any more acceptable. With no FDA approval, there’s no guarantee that any of these products are effective or even safe to take, which should concern everyone. You’re free to make your own decisions, but we can’t recommend this company at all with no guarantee that their products are safe to use.

How do you make money with skinny body care?

Many people are interested in skinny body care as a way to make money, but this is extremely questionable. In order to sign up and start earning via, you need to take out a subscription to skinny fiber pills, which comes to $60 or thereabouts per month ($720 per year). That’s right, in order to start making money, you have to pay $60 a month. That’s not a great start.

The payment plan works by commission. If you refer someone to the company, you get a commission. You also get a smaller commission if someone you’ve referred refers someone. There are a few other options for making money, but they all offer small commissions and require that $60 a month subscription.

The big problem here is that we’ve seen no verifiable evidence that anyone has ever been paid by skinny body care. There are forum posts mentioning being paid, but none of them come with any proof. We can’t tell how or when people get paid, and we’re not even certain that the company ever pays out at all.

Skinny body care scam reports

So, all of that stuff about payment and multi level marketing makes it sound like we’re looking at a skinny body care scam situation, doesn’t it? Let’s dig a little deeper into multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and how all of this works.

Multi level marketing essentially means that once you’ve signed up to the scheme, when you refer someone to the site you take a commission. If they then refer someone else, then you take a smaller commission, and so on down the chain. That means that the person at the top of the pyramid, in this case Ben Glinsky, makes the most money, with people further down making less and being incentivized to recruit more customers with the promise of more money.

In theory, if you’re working for a multi level marketing company such as skinny body care, you get great flexibility and control over your work schedule. In practice, as you have to pay $60 per month for the privilege of being allowed to work for skinny body care, that doesn’t seem like much of an advantage. The bottom line is that yes, for the most part, multi level marketing is a scam designed to make as much money for the person at the top as possible.

Skinny body care might be an effective product (although probably not), but the business practices of the company make it easy to answer the question “is skinny body care a scam?” with a confident “yes”. This company is extremely questionable, and we would recommend avoiding their products thanks to their terrible business practices.


Skinny Body Care is certainly not one of the better weight loss product companies out there. Their products don’t seem to be any different from any other weight loss supplements available, and reviews of them are far from reliably good. Overall, it seems like their products don’t work at all well for most customers, and there’s certainly no scientific backing for their lofty (and all too familiar) claims. While there might be some effects for some users, they certainly won’t match up to the claims made by

The business practices of this company are the real problem, though. Their products are expensive, at $60 a month, and you’ll get much better results from spending that money on a gym subscription. They’re also very aggressive when it comes to trying to get you to sign up for things, and a lot of their marketing is seen by frustrated customers as a form of harassment.

If you want to make money from skinny body care, then you should just abandon that dream straight away. This company’s claims of easy work from home money are a straightforward scam, designed to use unethical pyramid scheme practices to grow their customer base and make money out of you.

Overall, then, we’d recommend steering clear of Skinny Body Care. You can find identical products at lower prices with ease, and many of those come from companies that trade under far less shady business practices. Their products have no scientific backing, their behavior is bad, and overall we’d say that Skinny Body Care is a moneymaking scam.

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