Thermo Burn Review- Everything You Need to Know


Weight loss is something that everyone wants to achieve, yet we normally see dietary supplements being aimed at women. This is why Thermoburn is a unique supplement as it claims to be specifically for men.

This is a weight loss supplement that is designed to improve the metabolism and burn fat, so you can see better results from your new regime. This is a supplement that has been specially designed for men to help their tone their bodies and gain muscle mass.

In order to determine whether thermoburn is the right supplement for you, we have created this review that will go through all aspects of this supplement to see how it can improve your body.

What Is Thermoburn?

Thermoburn is a weight loss supplement that is specially manufactured for men. It is designed to improve your metabolism and provide you with enough energy to power through your workouts, so you can see better results from your regime.

This supplement contains five main ingredients that claim to help your body burn fat. Taking this supplement regularly could improve your metabolism to ensure that you burn more fat and see better results from your workout regime.

However, as with all dietary supplements, you need to put the work in yourself too. In order to see results from thermoburn, you need to follow a balanced diet and regular workout regime to tone your body naturally. Thermoburn is meant to be a workout aid, not a solution.

Thermoburn Ingredients And Effectiveness

In order to determine whether thermoburn will work for you, we need to have a close look at the ingredients and what they do.

There are five main active ingredients in Thermoburn:

  • Chromium Polynicotinate: This is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements and its main purpose is to regulate blood sugar levels. It can also prevent sugar cravings which will prevent overeating or going off your diet plan
  • L-Tyrosine: This ingredient, when combined with others, can help suppress appetite, improve metabolism and thyroid functions for weight loss
  • L-Phenylalanine: This is an amino acid that will convert into Tyrosine when it is digested by the body, meaning it has a similar purpose of suppressing appetite
  • Korean Ginseng: This is a plant extract that provides the body with essential nutrients for energy and wellbeing, as it has been known to reduce stress
  • Calcium Pyruvate: This ingredient is important in the function of turning sugar into energy which results in an improved metabolism

These ingredients make Thermoburn a good weight loss supplement as it helps the body burn more calories by improving the assimilation of sugar and curb appetite to reduce the amount of food you eat during the day.

Who Makes Thermoburn?

When considering whether a supplement is suitable for you, you should consider the manufacturer as this can provide a lot of important information.

Thermoburn is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by Slimming Solutions, which is a UK-based supplement company. Slimming Solutions has been in business since 2000 and there is a lot of information available about this company on their Facebook page, including contact details.

This is reassuring when ordering supplements as a lot of companies are not as transparent about their products or support. This ensures that you can always remain in contact with the manufacturer should anything go wrong with your purchase of Thermoburn.

How Does Thermoburn Work?

Thermoburn, as the name suggests, it designed to help the body lose weight through thermogenesis. This is the process that occurs when the metabolism heats up the body temperature to convert more fat cells into energy.

Normally, the body will only use a small portion of fat cells and calories for energy and will store the rest as fat. However, with increased body temperature, Thermoburn makes more of the fat cells in the body be burned for energy.

Thermoburn helps you lose more weight while also making you feel more energized, which can improve your workouts.

In order to get the best results, one capsule of Thermoburn should be taken fifteen minutes before a meal. It is recommended that two capsules should be taken daily with water.

How Much Does Thermoburn cost?

In order to determine whether a supplement is right for you, you should consider how much it will cost and if this will fit into your budget.

Thermoburn costs $69.95 per bottle, which is a 30-day supply. However, there is a free trial of Thermoburn available allowing you to try out the supplement without spending any money on it. This is a great way to see whether Thermoburn will be worth it for you.

This free trial lasts for 30-days. At the end of the 30-day trial, you will be automatically put onto the auto-ship program which will cost you the price of another 30-day supply. You will also be charged $29.95 for additional features, which come with the free trial.

These additional charges mean that the free trial isn’t as good of a value as you may have initially thought and you need to make sure to cancel your plan if you do not like the supplement.

There is a 60-day back money guarantee for any unopened bottles of Thermoburn.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Thermoburn contains a range of natural ingredients in a proprietary blend. This could impact how effective they are at aiding weight loss but does mean that there are no adverse side effects.

A good thing about this supplement is the fact that it does not contain any stimulants, even caffeine, which is normally present in weight loss supplements. This makes it suitable for a range of different people.

However, Thermoburn does contain Korean Ginsing which is not recommended to those who have high blood pressure.

Another issue with Thermoburn is the fact that none of the ingredients are specially aimed at men or will help men’s health in any particular way. This means their advertising is misleading as they can be used by anyone who wants a boost in their weight loss.

There are limited customer reviews available that could highlight any other issues.


Thermoburn is a unique weight loss supplement as it helps improve the metabolism and curb cravings through thermogenesis.

The natural ingredients have no known side effects and there are no stimulants, making this a good supplement for many people. However, there is nothing specific to men’s health in Thermoburn which means the marketing for it is misleading.