An Introduction to Fitness Professional Tony Hall

My name is Tony and I would like to share a little of my story with you.  I am a teacher of Art and Design.  I was also a successful junior bodybuilder amassing nine titles at regional level, and also competed at national and international level.

I will show a timeline of my successes and failures in the competitions below. Once I compile it all.

I also became a gym owner for many years until I unfortunately had to close. The gym was based in Prudhoe and called “The Buzz Factory”.

I have a postgraduate diploma in Health Science as well as Health Education, also HEFC certificates in Biology and Psychology.  My Personal Training qualifications are NABBA Weight Training Instructing Diploma, BAWLA Weight Training Instructing  Diploma and Level 3 Nutrition.  Also qualified as an HNLP Practitioner and Counsellor.

Currently I am experimenting with my own training and nutrition approach to explore and increase my own knowledge. Having owned my own gym in the past; I have trained and advised many people on weight loss, weight gain or maintenance (bodybuilding). Many of the athletes who I have coached have gone onto great success in their respective pursuits i.e. boxing, running, cross training, cycling, rowing to name but a few.

My aim for this site is to increase the knowledge within the fitness industry and to help newbies from falling into pitfalls and traps. On each article I will be endeavouring to get experts to give their opinions on various supplements and the health benefits associated and if they would recommend taking them as well as testing out various pieces of fitness equipment to improve your workouts and offering workout/training advice, I won't be offering nutritional advice or creating specific diet plans, I will however show diets that are popular throughout the UK.

To your success;

Tony Hall