If you feel as though your midriff is always one size too big and you cannot lose weight in this area no matter how hard you try, then you could benefit from using a weight loss belt.

Weight loss belts are a simple solution to an issue that causes many people to feel insecure, ashamed or embarrassed about their bodies. They only require you to tie them around your midriff and let them work for around 15 minutes. Some can provide instant results, giving you your confidence back.


Weight loss belts, as their name suggests, are a tool that can be used to aid and encourage weight loss. They are also sometimes called slimming belts. These kinds of belts are worn around the waist, lower abdomen and lower back are this is the main problem area for those who are trying to lose weight.

There are different types of weight loss belts that operate in slightly different ways. However, all of them are designed to make you sweat as this helps you burn additional calories.


There are four main types of weight loss belts, each designed to help you lose weight around your midriff for a noticeably thinner frame.

  • Vibrating Weight Loss Belts

These kinds of weight loss belts typically use EMS to stimulate the abdominal muscles. This stimulation causes contractions, which is what happens when you perform sit-ups or ab crunches. When using vibrating weight loss belts you can expect to see more defined abdominal muscles and a slimmer waist.

  • Electric Weight Loss Belts

Electric weight loss belts use electronic pulses to stimulate the abdominal muscles. These pulses are designed to improve core strength which will, in turn, result in a tighter and more defined abdominal region. The most effective electric weight loss belts will have high levels of electric stimulation which some people can find uncomfortable.

  • Fat Burning Weight Loss Belts

Fat-burning weight loss belts operate similarly to electric belts. This is because they are designed to target the midriff, and stimulation is needed for the muscles to become more defined. Some fat-burning weight loss belts use electrical pulses, which contract the abdominal muscles and help tone and tighten the area.

  • Sauna Weight Loss Belts

Saunas are known for their healing powers by forcing the body to sweat so it will release toxins. Sauna weight loss belts are designed around the same purpose, but this time the sweating should help you lose weight. Sweating can help burn calories and will have a physical effect on your midriff.


It is important to note that although weight loss belts can strengthen your core muscles or affect your appearance, they can not help you lose weight independently. To provide the best results, weight loss belts should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Many people who are already toned and thin will use weight loss belts to help define their bodies ahead of certain events. You can see success with weight loss belts as long as you are putting the work in elsewhere.


Using weight loss belts excessively can cause a range of health problems. They can cause skin issues in your midriff as they make you sweat, which will cause skin irritation over time and make your skin red after use.
Weight loss belts can also cause dehydration as they make the body sweat. You know if you are dehydrated if you experience:

  • – Dry mouth
  • – Sleepiness
  • – Infrequent urination
  • – Headaches
  • – Dry skin
  • – Dizziness and fatigue

In some serious cases, weight loss belts can even cause internal issues by displacing organs and squashing the rib cage.

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