Frank Medrano – The Vegan Muscle Builder


For those who are concerned about maintaining a vegan diet and being a bodybuilder, you should look no further than Frank Medrano. Frank Medrano is perhaps one of the first bodybuilders who has been talked about widely in the press because he has something that makes him stand out. That is the fact that he is powered entirely by plants.

Who is Frank Medrano?

Frank Medrano is a bodybuilder, athlete and dedicated vegan who has proven that you shouldn’t let your diet hold you back from getting the physique you want.

He is known primarily for his Youtube channel where he regularly posts videos of his gruelling workouts and callisthenics that he does to maintain his strength. He has recently been interviewed by a range of media outlets and has risen to fame due to the fact he is a bodybuilder with a vegan diet.

Typically, bodybuilders diets would be full of red meat and animal products. Yet Medrano has proven that there is a new way to maintain this physique while being ethical.

Why Is Frank Medrano Vegan?

Like most people, Frank Medrano was not born vegan and actually ate meat and other animal products for 30 years of his life.

However, the real story starts in his twenties when Frank was overweight and unhappy. This pushed him to start working out and taking better care of his body.

But, like most people who workout will experience, he quickly became bored with his workout regime. He has claimed that the free weights and the resistance machines that were available to him in the gym simply weren’t enough.

He wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

This is what leads him to callisthenics, which are strengthening exercises that do not require any equipment. Using his body as a weight and developing his strength this way found great results for Frank Medrano.

Even though he saw great results with this, it turned out that there was a better way.

Frank Medrano has only been vegan for a couple of years and he claims that he was inspired by good friends of his Dan Attanasio and Noel Polanco, who are vegan bodybuilders.

These two friends helped Frank Medrano create a meal plan and he embarked on a vegan diet. He was so pleased with the results, that he continued to stay that way for the rest of his life.

What Are The Benefits Of Being Vegan?

Frank Medrano embarked on a plant-based diet for an initial period of two-three months following the support of his friends.
Within this short space of time, he claimed that he noticed a significant difference in his health and wellbeing.

Frank Medrano claimed that the most noticeable effects of going vegan were the increase in energy and quicker recovery times.

Consuming more natural foods and getting his nutrients from plants has had a significant impact on Medrano’s workout regime and general wellbeing. Having more energy has allowed him to push harder during workouts and the quicker recovery time means he can work out daily without damaging himself.

How To Go Vegan

Frank Medrano claimed that although the transition into veganism has given him brilliant results, it wasn’t easy. If you too have spent your entire life consuming meat and animal products, it can be quite hard to go vegan or plant-based.

In order to make the transition a little easier, follow in Frank Medrano’s footsteps by:

    • Having A Great Support Team
Frank Medrano had a great advantage when it comes to changing his diet and lifestyle because he had a support team around him. Thanks to the support and help of friends Dan Attanasio and Noel Polanco, Frank became vegan and has not looked back.

Make sure you have people around you who are too embarking on a vegan and plant-based diet. Working together will help keep you on track and ensure that you have someone to hold you accountable.

    • Meal Plan
In the initial stages of becoming vegan, Frank Medrano followed strict meal plans that have been created for him by his vegan bodybuilding friends. This made sure that he always knew what he was going to eat and wouldn’t be tempted to go back to his old diet.

Even if you do not have vegan friends, you can get some great plant-based meal plans from various online sources or recipe books. Take some time to plan out every meal and make sure that your kitchen is always stocked with plant-based ingredients as this will make it easier for you.

    • Go Cold Turkey
Frank Medrano made a decision to become vegan and stuck with it. When he made this decision, he decided to go fully vegan and cut out all animal products from his diet.

Some people may think that it will be easier for them to become vegan if they start small. Perhaps being vegetarian for a small time, before cutting out other animal products.

However, Frank Medrano has proven that this doesn’t work and the best result is to simply go cold turkey. Cut out all animal products from your diet and make sure you don’t have anything left in your kitchen.

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