Amanda Cerny Diet Secrets to Stay in Shape


Amanda Cerny has risen rapidly to social media fame and success, with incredible popularity across Instagram, youtube, and various other platforms. She’s used this branding to build an exceptionally successful multi million dollar business around herself and her social media presence, making her one of the most successful social media influencers out there. One of the main things people notice about her, though, is her incredible figure and fitness levels. Cerny looks great, and many people wonder how she manages to always stay in such incredibly good shape.

We’re here to help you to answer that question with a handy guide. We’ve done extensive research into Amanda Xerny and her diet and workout routines, and can share with you exactly how she manages to stay in such great shape at all times. It’s a tough routine that runs at a high pace and requires an incredible level of commitment, but don’t let that put you off. If you start by adopting some of her healthy practices and dietary elements a little bit at a time, then you can make some of her lifestyle changes and start to approach her level of fitness slowly and gradually, one step at a time.

Who is Amanda Cerny?

If you haven’t heard of Amanda Cerny before coming to this web page, you might be confused right now. She’s been famous as a model for a while, appearing in many fitness magazines and enjoying a successful and iconic career as a Playboy model later in her career. She’s also notable as a social media star with over 19 million followers, giving her an enormous audience to promote whatever she wants.

Amanda Cerny is also famous thanks to the Play Foundation. This is a charity organization established by Amanda herself, set up to give emergency services to children when they need these provisions. This is a major charitable foundation, and Amanda Cerny’s involvement in it makes clear just how much she cares about those less fortunate than herself.

You may have heard of Amanda Ceerny as a figure in the fitness industry thanks to her Amanda Cerny videos on Youtube. She has a popular Amanda Cerny video channel on Youtube in which she shares a wide range of useful videos about fitness, ranging from dieting tips to exercise tutorials and everything in between.

Is Amanda Cerny vegan?

Amanda Cerny is a dedicated vegan, making a mockery of any claims that you can’t be strong and fit while living on a vegan diet. In fact, she achieves her results without any artificial supplements, staying fit and healthy purely through natural vegan food and a strict exercise routine! It’s worth noting, however, that if your diet isn’t carefully balanced and controlled, then veganism can lead to nutritional deficiencies. That’s why Amanda Crny takes the extra precaution of ensuring that she has regular blood tests to ensure that she closely monitors her health and nutritional levels.

The Amanda Cerny diet

Amanda Cerny’s diet is a strictly vegan one, with no meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products involved. She actually maintains her health through entirely natural methods, with no supplements of any sort involved in her diet plan.

Every single morning, Amanda Cherny starts the day by making and eating a fresh fruit based breakfast. After that, it’s mostly vegetables for the rest of the day. Her diet is high in protein, all of which is obtained from beans, nuts, grains, and other plant based protein sources.

Veganism is not a healthy diet on its own, though. Amanda puts a great deal of emphasis on the fat that her vegan diet is a healthy one, but that requires careful choice of foods and ensuring healthy and nutritious meals at all times. Amanda excludes foods that may cause weight gain, even the vegan ones, and ensures that she includes a large amount of healthy fruits and vegetables as part of her diet, helping her to stay in the best shape possible at all times.

It’s not all diet, though. While Amanda Serny always ensures that her diet is lean, healthy, nutritionally balanced, and packed with protein, most of her fitness actually comes from her rigid workout routine.

The Amanda Cerny workout routine

Amanda Cerny doesn’t stay that great looking through genetics and a vegan diet alone. She puts an enormous amount of work into her fitness and her body, and spends a great deal of time exercising. Amanda Cernys exercise routine includes yoga, weight training, boxing, intense cardio sessions, and other games.

The fitness routine used by Amanda Cerny is taxing and vigorous. As well as all of her more organized Amanda Cerny Diet Secrets to Stay in Shapephysical activities, she puts in the effort to do a high level of cardio every single day. Some days this might be some vigorous exercise on a stairs machine, while other days it could be five miles of running. This intensive, regular cardio burns a lot of calories, keeping her in great shape, as well as toning up all of her muscles effectively.

This is an incredibly intensive exercise lifestyle, though, and is not something that anyone can just dive into without any preparation. If you’re interested in taking up regular cardio like this, you should start at a lower level and gradually ease in to it, in order to reduce the risk of injury. It’s also a major daily time commitment, and that can take a lot of preparation and scheduling!
Amanda Cerny combines this daily cardio practice with a range of other exercise routines, all of which offer different benefits for her body. Her yoga habits help to keep her toned and flexible, allowing her to look great and keep up her other exercise routines on a regular basis.

The regular weight training that Amanda Crny practices as part of her fitness routine keeps her arms and shoulders strong and lean, giving her great strength and fitness in her upper body. This is part of her great look, but the most memorable part of her body and appearance for most people is Amanda Cerny’s incredible abs.

Amanda Cerny maintains her abs through a combination of daily cardio exercise and some truly ruthless focused exercises. Ab exercise is difficult and exhausting at any level, but the amount of time she spends planking and doing other ab related exercises is impressive and not to be entered into lightly. As with all types of exercise, you should ease in gently and avoid spending too much time on intense exercise as you get started, as this can lead to injury and assorted dangerous consequences for your health if you aren’t careful.


Amanda Cerny’s diet and workout plan might not be the easiest for everyone to follow, but her incredible body and looks serve as evidence that her lifestyle works if you’re willing to put that much time and effort into your body. Her healthy vegan diet is a great option for many people, and is easy enough to follow for most people who might want to give it a go. The exercise routine is harder, but if you’ve got the time and dedication to follow this rigorous routine, then the results could be impressive.

If you’re interested in getting a body like Amanda Cerny’s, then hopefully our guide to her diet and workout habits above can help you to get a rough sense of what you need to do in order to get started. If you want more information, you should look up Amanda Cerny videos on youtube, where she can talk you through her habits and diet tips herself, giving you a clear impression of all the detail needed.

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