ALPHA LEAN 7 REVIEW: Optimize Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss isn’t easy, and sometimes exercise on its own just isn’t enough to get rid of the excess fat on your body. Thankfully, if you’re really desperate to burn off fat that just doesn’t seem to be leaving, there are various supplements you can take that make Alpha Lean 7 far easier to break down any fat that’s holding you back from an otherwise perfect body. One such supplement is Alpha Lean 7 by Hard Rock Supplements, a stimulant-based fat burner – but how does it live up to the expectations around it?


Alpha Lean-7 has various ingredients, ranging from semi-natural extracts to completely artificial compounds.


Betaine Anhydrous supplements boost athletic performance and treat a variety of other health issues. Since it’s a chemical that occurs naturally in the body, it’s much safer than many other stimulants and chemicals.


This is a concentrated form of dehydrated caffeine that acts as an extremely powerful powder, with a single teaspoon equating to multiple cups of coffee. It provides the same benefits as regular caffeine but at a much higher scale, offering much more energy and clearing up fatigue faster as a result.


This natural plant is often used to prevent joint pain and keep bones healthy, and it can provide these benefits even when turned into a powder.


Another stimulant, Dimethylethanolamine, is designed to help boost cognitive functions. These can include alertness, reaction times, memory, general focus, and the ability to multitask. It also offers a decent amount of physical power and energy, improving reflexes and allowing the body to regulate oxygen more easily so that the body can endure more exercise at once.



Green Tea is a natural stimulant known for helping with weight loss, mental health, and other common health issues. It also relieves cellular stress and reduces the amount of fatigue your muscles feel during exercise.


This is another natural chemical your body produces, which helps with energy production and makes Alpha Lean 7 easier to move your muscles around, even if they’re fatigued.


This is a pre-workout stimulant often used for weight loss and bodybuilding. Alpha Lean 7 also has a slight effect on overall performance and can help treat Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder in certain cases.


This shrub, sometimes also called African Snakeroot, is used to help lower blood pressure and increase brain functional speed.

The supplement itself comes in small capsules, with a standard tub holding ninety capsules in total. Each holds a low dosage of all the total ingredients, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re new to using supplements like this. The capsules themselves are made of gelatine, which isn’t suitable for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, but this could always change in the near future.


The recommended daily dosage is a single capsule when you wake up, then an additional one around six to eight hours later, depending on when (and if) you’ll be exercising again. Since it’s a fairly low dosage on a per-capsule basis, you can also simply stick to one per day if you want to test your tolerance levels, or simply don’t feel confident taking more supplements than you might need.

The idea behind Alpha Lean 7 is “Thermogenics”, a type of stimulant that focuses on increasing your metabolism and using up stored fat as quickly as possible. They name Thermogenics refers to the fact that burning calories generates heat, meaning that these stimulants indirectly cause your body to create much more heat than normal exercise would.

You simply take the capsules, wait a little while, and start exercising. The energy-boosting effects will start working almost immediately, making it much easier for you to fight off fatigue and keep up your routine. They also help keep your muscles from breaking down as quickly, so you’ll be able to get more exercise into a single workout session and won’t feel as worn out once it’s done.

However, the biggest upside is the way that Alpha Lean 7 boosts your natural weight loss – each dose of Alpha Lean 7 makes your body consume stored fat at a faster rate, burning it away to use as energy for your muscles. This means that even the most basic exercise routine will have a much more pronounced impact on your body fat, especially if you do exercises that are intended to help burn fat in specific areas.

One of the supplement’s lesser benefits is that it boosts mental functions and makes it easier to focus on what you’re doing. While this might not come into play that often if you’re exercising at home, it can really help if you’re jogging, cycling, or working out in a gym, where awareness of your surroundings is extremely important.


That’s a tricky question to answer, since most Alpha Lean 7 reviews don’t consider the fact that it might be your first time ever using a fat burner supplement. Either way, it’s entirely safe, but your experience will definitely differ depending on a few factors.

If you’re already experienced with similar fat burners, you shouldn’t have any trouble with Alpha Lean 7, as long as you don’t increase the dosage too much. The caffeine alone would be enough to make you “crash” and feel sluggish if you take too much. The other ingredients can lead to much more serious problems in high amounts: anything from an increased need to urinate right up to sleeping troubles or uncontrollable shaking.

This would only matter if you consistently took more than your daily dose of Alpha Lean 7 capsules, but it’s still important to avoid over-using the supplement.

On the other hand, if it’s your first-ever time using a supplement like this, you’ll want to start below the maximum dosage (one capsule per day is recommended) to see how your body reacts. Since a lot of these supplements rely on your body’s digestive system, circulatory system and other physical factors, certain people may have body types or particular physical quirks that affect how much they can safely use, as well as how quickly the fat-burning and energy-boosting take effect.

This is especially true for shorter people with less overall mass – taking two capsules in a day might lead to more discomfort than a larger person would feel, so it’s a good idea to start slowly and see where your tolerance level lies.

As a side note, you’ll obviously run into issues if you’re allergic or intolerant to any of the ingredients, so be sure to check with a doctor if you know you have a major allergy.


As a whole, Alpha Lean 7 is meant for people who’ve had experience with both fat burner supplements and proper exercise. However, beginners will still find Alpha Lean 7 incredibly useful for losing weight faster and restoring their energy before a big workout. Since the overall dosage of ingredients is lower than many other brands, a single capsule can be enough for a first-time user to safely burn some extra fat without endangering themselves, and the difference is still noticeable.

It’s also great for people who just want to burn calories faster, regardless of their skill level or previous expertise. If you have a job or hobby that requires a lot of physical movement, even if it’s not actually exercise, you can use this supplement to reduce your body fat without changing your daily routine.

Of course, if you’re a frequent user of other fat burner products, Alpha Lean 7 can still be useful to you. Most of the Alpha Lean 7 side effects are relatively minor, especially when you avoid going over the recommended dosage, so you can keep them around as a reliable and easy-to-use weight-loss tool that you can quickly take without having to measure out a dosage or mix it into another meal.

Either way, Alpha Lean 7 is a great supplement for quickly burning off excess fat, whether you’re overweight and trying to slim down or just tone up your body and make your muscles more pronounced.


So how good is Alpha Lean 7, really? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to call Alpha “weight loss pills”, but that’s not a bad thing – they won’t magically burn off your fat while you sit around doing nothing, but they make any kind of exercise much more effective, even if it’s just a daily walk or some mid-morning push-ups. The little boost in energy and focus makes it easier to commit to your exercise, even if you’re not somebody who works out frequently.

The cost of Alpha Lean 7 is actually quite reasonable per capsule, with a tub of ninety being just under $35—much cheaper than some other, more ‘extreme’ brands. This makes them much more accessible to newcomers and first-time users. It works well because the dosage is low enough to be safe for almost anybody (with obvious exceptions, like minors or pregnant women).

Since they double as a mild appetite suppressant, they’re also a great choice for mixing in with diets – you won’t be as tempted to eat a lot of calories after you’ve worked out, so you won’t be stuck in a cycle of losing and regaining weight.

As long as you can stay on track and get a good amount of exercise done each day you use them, you’ll notice a big change on how fast you burn fat, and you won’t be putting yourself in any danger as long as you learn to take them properly. They’re safer, more manageable and much more accessible than many other brands, and while the effects might be slightly less powerful in the long-run, they’re still a great way to help your body slim down and use up any fat it has stored. Find Out More for additional details.

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