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Joe Rogan is known for many things (stand-up comedian being only one of his claims to fame), and his body is definitely one of them. His history and involvement in martial arts, as well being the host to projects like Fear Factor, have given him plenty of experience with how to tone his body and get it to the exact level of performance he prefers. However, his diet plays a large role, too. The Joe Rogan diet and Joe Rogan workout are specially linked to one another, working together to give the man himself a body that he can be proud of.

The Basics

Joe Rogan’s diet is based on a range of different techniques that are all used together, rather than a single idea that he sticks to every day. These include a standard Keto diet, the ‘primal blueprint’ (a eating and exercise regimen that focuses on natural health), intermittent fasting, careful use of nutritional and vitamin supplements and a strong philosophy to motivate him. On his podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience), Rogan said that he’s been on “this kick for a few months” where he ate large game like elk very often, using the natural protein to boost his own muscle mass and health. Rogan also eats a lot of vegetables, for obvious reasons.

Not only that, but Rogan heavily prefers simpler and unprocessed meals that don’t contain many refined grains, sugar and flours. This means that many of his dishes will be mostly game meat and vegetables, and he’s regularly create the same meals over and over again to get a consistent amount of their nutrients. In fact, a lot of his game meat is taken from real wild game that he’s hunted himself, since Rogan believes in the “eat what you kill” philosophy that a lot of hunters apply to wild game.

Handling Carbohydrates

While Joe Rogan follows a diet similar to a ketogenic meal plan, his is much more flexible, allowing for a higher amount of carbohydrates. Rogan said that he has tried keto in the past, but prefers his diet due to the lack of restrictions. Despite that, he’ll still do his best to limit most sources of carbohydrates and other unwanted nutrients: no breat, no sugar and “no bullshit“, as he put it. This means that his energy levels and nutrients only come from healthy food, making every meal something that’s supposed ot improve his strength and fitness through making workouts easier. His idea is that your body is “made out of” what you eat, so eating healthy food should naturally lead to a healthy body.


Since his diet is completely custom, Joe Rogan will often experiment with the food he eats every day, especially if he makes a change to something else in his lifestyle. He will sometimes modify his diet for a short period to test out a new food plan, even if it’s something as small as changing the vegetables he eats. Because of this, the diet he follows now is nowhere close to the one he started with all those years ago, and it continues to evolve depending on where his life takes him. This reinforces the idea that his diet is only a guideline, meant to be modified based on the nutrition, multivitamins, meal sizes and other factors that you might need compared to a standard diet plan.

Understanding Joe Rogan Workouts

Joe Rogan doesn’t just diet: he also has a strong workout routine that’s incredibly carefully-planned, with a lot of changes being made over the years to get it as precise and reliable as possible. While he takes a lot of supplements, it’s the exercise that really makes it all work, and he has a brutal regime that he puts himself through every day.

Rogan regulatory practices intermittent fasting while also performing cardio, something that maximizes fat loss and gives him a massive boost or endorphins at the start of the day. A large part of this comes from his belief that you can pack a lot of exercise into barely half an hour, and that forcing a workout two times ro three times that long isn’t going to be as practical. A good example of this is weights: rather than lift weights for over an hour, Rogan would prefer to lift weights three times a day in sessions of twenty or thirty minutes each. Maybe even lower, depending on what other.

How Rogan Stays Motivated

Rogan’s philosopy towards workouts is one that many of people can relate to, regardless of the context. “I’m changing my spark plugs… I know that I’ve done my best to keep it working the best that it can.” is one of Rogan’s most famous quotes, and details his concept of how to motivate himself. He does his best to put his brain and body in the best possible situation: it’s the equivalent of deciding to close the sidebar on a website, since choosing to close the sidebar lets you focus entirely on the main article. Even if he was only able to lift weights three times a day, that’s still two times more than he would technically have to.

The best way to follow the Rogan diet is to remember that it’s not just about what you eat, it’s about getting into the right frame of mind. You aren’t following a plan with all rights reserved that you’re constantly being hassled to follow to the letter: Rogan has not only avoided copywriting his diet and slapping an “all rights reserved” notice on it, but he’s made it clear that he’s doing it for his own benefit, adapting the diet depending on the situation and making sure that he’s never limiting himself in a way that can be harmful.

Should I Follow His Diet?

You don’t have to like, or even respect, Joe Rogan to understand where he’s coming from. He isn’t dieting for the sake of dieting, but doing it because he knows that he can be better that way, and that it keeps him being the person he wants to be. Even if you’re not a fan of his work, it’s hard to not be motivated by the way he approaches his health and fitness.

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