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Anna Wintour is a household name in the world of fashion journalism, thanks to her incredible power and status as the editor in chief of Vogue, the world’s foremost fashion and lifestyle magazine. But far from being just a fashion magazine editor, Anna Wintour is legendary for her regulated and disciplined lifestyle. She’s in incredible shape for a woman of her age, and her body is something that many women far younger than her aspire to. She’s slim and fit, and her lifestyle helps her to stay that way despite her age.

Many people want to know more about the Anna Wintour diet and the Anna Wintour exercise routine, and about how anna wintour stays in shape. That’s understandable, as she looks incredible and deserves the fear and respect she inspires. If you’re wondering about what anna wintour eats, then read on to find out, as we’ve done some research into this powerful Vogue editor in chief and her personal habits, diet, and exercise routine.

Who is Anna Wintour?

You’re probably aware of Anna Wintour even If you don’t know her by name. If you’ve seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada, or even heard anything about it, then you know who Anna Wintour is; she’s the woman the movie was based on, and the real life woman who inspired Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly, editor in chief of the world’s top fashion magazine. Sounds familiar? That’s Anna Wintour for you. Even if you’ve never heard her name before, her influence spreads wide enough that you’ve almost certainly encountered something to do with her at some point in your life.

Anna Wintour has been the editor in chief of Vogue magazine since 1988, a post she’s now held for more than 30 years. In addition to this, in 2013, she became the artistic director for Conde Nast, the publisher of Vogue, spreading her unique style and vision across the publisher’s entire line of magazines and further growing her influence across the style world.

Wintour has an impressive background and past. Her father was Charles Wintour, editor of the Evening Standard newspaper, while her stepmother was Audrey Slaughter, noted magazine editor and founder of the publications Honey and Petticoat. Her family has been wealthy and important for generations, but Wintour dropped out of finishing school in order to join the club scene of London in the 1960s, and dived head first into the burgeoning fashion revolution taking place there. Since then, she’s never looked back, rising to the top of the fashion world and staying right at the top for more than 30 years.

Anna Wintour keeps a close eye on her weight, as body size has always been an important part of the high end fashion industry, but she is surprisingly heavily focused on the health of her models. Wintour does not advocate the unhealthy lifestyle you might expect, and actively bans the use of models known to suffer from eating disorders in all of her publications. Her own weight management is built into her busy and rigidly controlled lifestyle, ensuring that it is part of her routine and dietary habits.

What does Anna Wintour eat?

Anna Wintour’s diet is a somewhat unusual one, but it seems to work well enough for her. Anna Wintour’s height is 5’7”, and Anna Wintour’s weight is 141 lb. That’s a pretty great balance, staying lean and healthy without dropping to an unhealthily low weight. Particularly given her age, she is in impressively good shape.

The Anna Wintour diet is a high protein one with zero carbs. Where it gets a little unusual is in its focus on meat. Wintour avoids all carbs, and eats almost entirely meat with only enough other ingredients to provide her with the other nutrients required for a healthy diet.

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Her daily meal plan is quite different to the diet plans followed by most other notable people in the fashion world. For breakfast, Anna Wintour usually eats salmon and eggs. Lunch is a steak with salad, or a hamburger with no bun. She does not usually eat dinner, sticking to only two high protein meals per day. Whatever it is, it’s usually delivered directly to her from the kitchens of the Royalton Hotel. Anna Wintour likes to ensure that she consumes lean beef in some form every single day, although that varies between steak and hamburger meat. It’s always lean, though, as she avoids fat as far as possible.

Wintour avoids all ingredients that might possibly be linked to weight gain. For her, that means cutting carbs out of her diet completely, and eating only lean meat with no fat. That’s obviously not a diet for everyone, but it obviously works well for Anna Wintour, given her physical shape and health. A number of popular diets, such as the ketogenic diet, are focused around this high protein approach to meals. These are aimed at training the body to use its own fat as fuel instead of relying on carb intake.

Anna Wintour’s reasoning for choosing a high protein, meat heavy diet is unknown, but it is clear that she loves eating meat and has no concerns about animal welfare whatsoever, as one of the few fashion icons who still sticks to wearing genuine fur, despite the outcry about this.

It’s worth noting that this sort of protein focused diet will not help anyone with weight loss and control on its own. Its benefits primarily lie in helping to allow Anna Wintour to exercise ruthlessly and reap the maximum rewards without needing to burn off any empty or unhealthy calories. Her workout routine is the second half of her fitness regime, and is just as important as her diet, if not more so.

Anna Wintour Workout routine

Anna Wintour follows a rigid and disciplined workout routine in order to stay in perfect shape. Every morning, without fail, Wintour gets up at about 5.30 AM and sets out for early morning tennis. She plays for around an hour, starting her day off with vigorous exercise before most other people are even awake, before heading off to get her makeup and hair done for the day ahead.

Wintour is an avid tennis fan with a great deal of knowledge of the sport and strong opinions on the performance of many famous tennis players. In addition to enjoying her tennis enormously, Wintour gets a number of great fitness advantages out of her daily early morning tennis sessions. This habit gives her a great full body workout every single morning, and the discipline required to get up so early for such vigorous exercise every single morning is a large part of her lifestyle and impressive self control. Her upper body is noticeably toned from this exercise, and her biceps are visible (and impressive) whenever she happens to wear short sleeved clothing.

Tennis is a great form of exercise, particularly when it’s used that regularly. It provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and even an average player with a competent opponent can burn somewhere around 500 calories per hour of tennis playing. It’s also great for tactical thinking, memory development, learning ability, and boosted brain power, all of which are great advantages for someone in a role like that which Anna Wintour occupies.

Anna Wintour’s daily routine is known because it’s such a large part of her life. She has established her own way of doing things over the course of her life, and has stuck to it ruthlessly throughout. She never deviates from her routines, and that’s a large part of her success. Her discipline, self control, and ruthless consistency are perhaps even more influential in her weight loss than her diet and exercise habits. If you’re looking to achieve similar results to the legendary Nuclear Wintour, then making sure you stick rigidly to a routine and develop good habits is the most important change you can make to your lifestyle, even beyond diet and exercise plans.

Does Anna Wintour wear a wig?

You may be surprised to learn that Anna Wintour does not wear a wig. Her perfectly cut, perfectly maintained hair is entirely real, and she’s developed a high level of expertise in looking after this particular hairstyle over the years, as she has maintained her signature haircut since she was 14. It’s real hair, and her commitment to her style and to rigorous control of every aspect of her life extends to hair care as well as many other areas of her lifestyle.

Keeping her hair in perfect shape is surprisingly simple, although Anna Wintour puts in a little more effort than some people. All she does it blow dry her hair twice a day in order to keep it looking sharp, and over the years she’s perfected her routine to a fine art that takes up no more time than is absolutely necessary.


Anna Wintour is an influential legend across the fashion world and beyond, and that’s all for good reason. Her discipline and ruthless regime are inspirational, and their results are clearly visible in both the quality of her physical state and her ability to stay at the top of a rapidly changing industry for over 30 years with no sign of losing her grip on the industry at any point.

Wintour has remained in incredible shape for a woman in her late 60s, and has a lean and fit body that many people far younger than her would kill for. If you’re prepared to put in an impressive level of work and to develop the sort of rigid routine that Anna Wintour follows, you too could be in such good physical shape. It’s not for everyone, but it is entirely achievable enough if you are prepared to put in the work and organize your time tightly enough. Even regimenting your lifestyle a little can make a huge difference!

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