Swim goggles are a vital piece of equipment for swimmers. Whether doing laps in the local swimming baths or trying your hand at open-water swimming, you need a good-quality pair of swim goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine, chemicals, salt, and anything else in the water. The best swim goggles will give you clear vision underwater so you can comfortably swim in any kind of lap you want, allowing you to focus on pushing yourself harder and the sensations of the water around your body.

Finding the best goggles for swimming can be hard, as we all have different needs. The best pair of swimming goggles will have an accurate fit to prevent water from coming inside of them, be comfortable on your face, and offer the protection you need. We’ve all tried to swim with lousy-quality goggles before, and it isn’t an experience that we can imagine anyone will want to repeat!

We have used customer reviews and brand information from Amazon com to find the ten best goggles for swimming, no matter where you get your laps in.


AQUA SPHERE Kayenne Swim Goggles


UseFitness Swim
Lens SizeMedium


These Aqua Sphere swim goggles are some of the best as they offer UV protection and protection from salt or chemical-laced water. These swim goggles are designed with an anti-fog coating with the oversized Plexisol clear lens that gives you optimal vision and performance as it is scratch-resistant. These Aqua Sphere goggles also feature a soft silicone strap that is designed to be comfortable and they can be easily adjustable to suit all face shapes and sizes.

These Aqua Sphere swim goggles feature curved lens technology that provides the clearest possible vision and a 180-degree wide field of vision. These clear-lens Aqua Sphere swim goggles transmit natural lightening, so they can be worn in indoor pools and low-lighting situations. The lens is oversized, and this pair of goggles has a medium-sized fit overall, making them highly versatile.

MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles


UseCompetition, Training
Lens SizeWide
ColorBlue, Red, White


These swim goggles, created by Michael Phelps, are ideal for fitness training and professional swimmers. Michael Phelps is an Olympic swimmer, and these are some of the best swimming goggles. They are made for high-intensity training with exo-core technology, which combines two materials for maximum durability and quality. These swim goggles have an interchangeable nose bridge in four sizes to suit all face shapes for an accurate and comfortable fit.

These Michael Phelps swim goggles provide an expanded field of vision that allows swimmers to sight walls and keep track of the competition without losing their stride and moving their head position during laps. These are some of the best swimming goggles as they feature a titanium mirror lens to enhance sun glare and UV protection making them suitable for outdoor pools. The compressed mask is made from ultra-soft materials that will fit snug on the face and be leak-resistant.

Aegend Swim Goggles


UseOutdoor, Indoor Swimming
Lens SizeWide


This swim goggle has a streamlined design that provides a 180-degree field of vision and a safe and faster swimming experience. These swimming goggles are some of the best as they are made from a soft silicone material that is comfortable on the face but offers a snug and leak-resistant fit. These goggles make swimming easier and they are flexible to fit a win range of swimmers. These swim goggles are anti-fog so you will always have a clear vision.

These swim goggles offer UV protection and will reduce the glare of bright lights, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming as well as competitions. They have a soft nose bridge making for a comfortable fit on both men and women. These swim goggles are made from premium silicone materials and have an ergonomic fit to have the perfect seal around the eye socket to prevent leaks.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles


UseIndoor, Outdoor Swimming
Lens SizeWide


These goggles Speedo are mirrored to offer protection from UV and sun glares, making them suitable for outdoor swimming, They will also reduce bright lights allowing for a clear field of vision so they can also be worn by competitive swimmers. This pair of Vanquisher 2 0 goggles have an anti-fog coating on lenses to protect your eyes and ensure that you can always see. They have wide, panoramic lenses for the best view of pool walls and the competition without effecting your head posture.

This pair of swim goggles Speedo Vanquisher 2 0 has cushioned silicone seals that are comfortable and snug around the eye socket to prevent leaking. They have a double silicone head strap that is comfortable and easily adjustable to fit a range of swimmers. These swim goggles also have three interchangeable nose bridges for an accurate and comfortable fit for all swimmers’ faces.

Arena Cobra Ultra Swimmer Goggles 


UseIndoor Swimming
Lens SizeWide
ColorRed, Black


These swim goggles have a streamlined design to help improve performance and make you go faster in the pool. This makes them ideal for competitive swimmers or swimmers who want a faster lifestyle. They are comfortable, with adjustable double head straps and interchangeable nose bridges to suit all face sizes and shapes. These swim goggles feature an RFA back clip to ensure a snug fit, so they will also be leak-proof.

This pair of swim goggles offers an extra-wide vision so you can keep track of the competition and make it easier for you to push yourself to reach faster speeds and performance. They have hard lenses that are durable and come with an anti-fog coating for a clearer vision. These are great quality goggles swimming, making them some of the best.

U-FIT Swim Goggles


UseIndoor, Outdoor Swimming
Lens SizeSmall


This pair of swimming goggles is one of the highest-rated products on this list. They are suitable for swimmers of all ages, abilities, and genders—including kids. This swim goggle has a comfortable and snug fit that is leak-proof and highly durable. The head strap is easily adjusted to suit all swimmers and is durable enough to withstand repeated wear, so this pair of swimming goggles will last a long time.

The polycarbonate lenses have an anti-fog coating and offer protection from UV rays, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming. This pair of goggles can make swimming easier and help you perform at your best. They are comfortable and have a snug fit, so you can focus on pushing yourself to beat the competition or your personal best. These swim goggles are great value and suitable for all types of swimmers as they are versatile.

Swim Elite Swim Goggles


UseCompetitive, Training
Lens SizeWide


This swim goggle is designed with all of the features you need whether you are racing or training. It is made for comfort, with a soft silicone system around the eye socket for a snug yet comfortable fit. This swim goggle will keep you free from leaks to protect your eyes and allow you to have clear vision and head when swimming. It is anti-fog and offers protection from UV, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming.

These are some of the best swimming goggles for competitive swimmers as they have wide, clear lenses that offer 180-degree of vision without blurring or glares. This allows you to keep track of the competition without having to move your head and keep looking up. This swim goggle has a silicone frame and nose bridge designed to be soft against the skin and stop water from getting into the lenses.

Resurge Sports Racing Swimming Goggles


UseIndoor Swimming
Lens SizeWide


These are some of the best swimming goggles as they feature shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses that are made to last. These polycarbonate lenses offer a wide-angle and clear vision of the pool and other swimmers around you, allowing you to keep track of the competition during a race. These swimming goggles have silicone gaskets that are soft on the skin and have a snug fit to prevent leaking.

These goggles have a bungee strap that is easy to adjust and a high nose bridge making them suitable for all genders. These swimmers goggles are high quality and one of the top options for adults and children alike as they are adjustable with 3 nose bridges to suit ages 10 and up. These swimming goggles are great value as they come with accessories, including a carry case to protect them in your bag.

TYR Velocity Racing Goggle


UseCompetition, Training
Lens SizeWide
ColorBlack, Red


These are low-profile swimming goggles that make it easy for you to reach an increased speed and performance. They are some of the best swimming goggles for racing and competitions as they provide peripheral vision with large and wide lenses. These lenses are both anti-fog and UV protective making them suitable for all swimmers and locations. This pair of goggles also come with three size options for the nasal bridge to suit all swimmers.

This pair of swimming goggles has a durable double head strap that is easily adjusted for a snug and accurate fit to swimmers’ faces. The eye gasket is made from silicone so it is gentle on the skin but snug enough to prevent leaking. These swimming goggles work like professional goggles but come at a lower price making them accessible to all swimmers.

ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles


UseOpen Water Swimming
Lens SizeMedium


These are some of the best swimming goggles for open-water swimming. Depending on your needs, they can be found with mirrored or clear lenses. They have patented medium-sized lenses that offer clear and leak-free peripheral vision. These goggles have hypoallergenic gaskets that contain no latex or PVC, making them suitable and comfortable for all swimmers while still having a snug fit.

These swimming goggles have an advanced coating on the lenses that is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and made for extended durability, making them a good investment for all swimmers. They also have premium frames and a semi-rigid nasal bridge to fit most faces. These goggles also come with a microfiber bag to keep them protected when they are not in use.


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to swimming goggles which can make your search for the best pair pretty difficult. Whether you are in need of a new pair of swimming goggles for your competitive training or you want to get into swimming for the first time, you will need to find a good pair of goggles that can offer every bit of protection that you need.

We have highlighted some of the best goggles available right now, but you will still need to narrow down your options some more. When it comes to swimming goggles, we all have things that we need to look for based on the swimming we do, the person we are, and the protection we require. This buyers’ guide is designed to help you find the best pair of goggles for your needs with ease by answering the most frequently asked customer questions about goggles.


We have explored a lot of different brands of swimming goggles in this review, including some of the best in the industry. This review has seen some brilliant brands like Speedo and Michael Phelps, two of the best for swimming goggles.

Speedo is a renowned brand for swimwear and swim-related accessories. They are certainly one of the best when it comes to goggles, as they are specialists in swimming equipment and know what you will need when in the pool, at a swimming gala, or even when taking a dip in the sea. This brand has been worn by many professionals, making it one of the best for all kinds of swimmers.

The Michael Phelps brand is also one of the best, as it was founded by the most decorated and celebrated Olympian of all time. Phelps has a total of 28 Olympic medals for swimming, so his brand of goggles is certainly worth considering!


Various features can determine how comfortable goggles will be to wear. Most of the goggles in this review are designed to be comfortable, but the wearer can only prove this. Based on the features we look for for comfortable swimming goggles, the most comfortable pair in this review is the ROKA R1 Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles.

These swimming goggles are made from hypoallergenic materials around the lenses to be comfortable on the face. This makes them safe and secure to wear for all swimmers. These goggles contain no latex so they are safe and gentle on the skin. They have a snug fit to the face that is anti-leaking to prevent water from getting into the lenses, contributing to their comfort.


In order to find the best competitive swimming goggles, there are some specific features you need to look out for, including durability, wide lenses and a snug-fitting to your face. All of these features can be found in the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swimmers Goggle. These Aqua Sphere goggles have clear, oversized lenses that offer protection from UV and are suitable for both chemical-laced and saltwater making them highly versatile and suitable for all types of swim competitions.

These Aqua Sphere goggles have curved lenses to offer a wide clear vision so you can keep track of the competition without having to move your head or get out of your stride. These lenses are also anti-fog and anti-scratch so they will offer a clear vision at all times and will remain this way even with repeated wear. These goggles are the best for competitive swimmers as they are streamlined and designed to enhance your performance in the water.


When trying to get into competitive swims, it makes sense for you to look at those who have come before you and set a good example. The Olympics can be a very inspiring event that makes many people take up sports that they may have never considered before. There are lots of different Olympic swimmers out there for you to look up to and no doubt they all have their own preference when it comes to goggles, however, they will all have similar features.

Wearing goggles was actually not allowed in the Olympics until 1976, but over this time Olympians have come up with some special features that they require from their goggles. This includes:

  • Snug and Comfortable Fit: Olympians will not be able to push themselves as much as they do and reach world records if they are being distracted by goggles that are too tight or too loose of their faces. It is very important that competitive swimmers look for goggles that have a snug fit to your face to prevent water from leaking into the lenses, as well as ensuring that will remain in place even when pushing yourself and reaching fast speeds
  • Wide Lenses: Olympic swimmers will also require wide, clear lenses to have a good view of the pool and the competition. They need to be able to see the walls of the pool to ensure that they are staying in their lane as well as being able to keep track of their competition so they do not miss out on a medal
  • Anti-Glare: There is a lot of excitement going on at the Olympics, with flashing cameras and lights going off in every corner. This can make for a good atmosphere but it can quickly become distracting to swimmers which is why goggles with anti-glare lenses are a good idea as these will reduce the light and prevent this kind of distraction.

Some brands have actually been created for and by Olympians, one of which we have mentioned in this review. Michael Phelps is one of the most decorated Olympians to date, having won over 25 medals in swimming. He now has his own brand of goggles that offer all of the essential features required by Olympians—and he will know, as he has more than enough experience in the pool!

The brand TYR Nest Pro is a specific pair of goggles that were actually made for the 2008 Olympics. These goggles are made to a high standard and feature all of the essential details we have mentioned throughout this review. They were designed to be anti-leak, with an over-molded nose bridge to prevent water from getting into the lenses and a head strap that will clip into place for the most accurate fit to your face and head.


Finding the best goggles is made even more difficult when you consider all of your options. Not only do you have to find comfortable, tight-fitting, and durable goggles, but you will also have to consider what kind of lenses you need.

There are several different types of lenses that have been explored in this review that require a little bit of extra information. This includes:


Many of the goggles in this list have clear lenses which means they provide a vision that has not been distorted in any way. Wearing clear goggles will allow you to see colors clearly as they provide natural lighting. This makes them suitable for low lighting situations and indoor swims. Clear lenses can also be worn during overcast and dark conditions if you are outside.


These types of goggles are designed to reduce glare in very bright conditions as they will reflect light away from the eyes, allowing you to be able to see things clearly in the pool. Many competitive swimmers choose to wear mirrored lenses as it prevents others from being able to see their eyes which can take the pressure off and allow them to scope out the competition without being noticed.


There are a couple of different options when it comes to colored lenses and each has a very specific purpose. Amber-colored lenses are designed to be an all-rounder goggle that can be worn in changing light conditions, such as during the day. They are designed to make your vision clearer and brighter so they are suitable for outdoor swims.

There are also pink and purple lenses that offer protection from potential glares in low to moderate light conditions. These are a good option for children as they can protect their eyes indoors and outdoors.


There are many options when it comes to swimmers’ goggles based on the type of swims you take. The best options for swimmers will be those that offer the most protection. This means they will need to have an accurate fitting and durable anti-leaking lenses. You may want to consider additional features like protection from UV, anti-glare coating, and scratch resistance to keep your vision clear at all times.

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