Crossfit Workouts in 2020

Crossfit training can be a great workout for anyone of any body shape or size. This is a form of exercise that features constantly varied and high-intensity movements that are designed to enhance your fitness. This is a hardcore form of working out that can provide brilliant results from a committed routine.

If you are looking to increase your strength and overall fitness, then you may want to try out some Crossfit movements in your workout routine or perhaps tackle a complete Crossfit workout next time you hit the gym.

What are the Exercises in CrossFit?

Crossfit workouts are based on strength and conditioning, which are provided through various exercises. This is a kind of workout plan that you can tailor based on your fitness levels and ability. It is a good way to mix things up, instead of always relying on the same machines at the gym.

Cross Fitness workouts are made up of a range of exercises, including air squats, bench press, and push-ups. Some of the exercises require the use of free weights whereas others can be done as a bodyweight exercise.

The type of exercise that is the main focus of a Crossfit workout will differ based on the day, as each day of this workout plan is designed to focus on another part of the body to help you become a well-rounded athlete.

This is a great form of exercise for anyone who wants to get involved, as you can tailor each movement based on your strength and ability. For example, if you are required to do dumbbell snatches at 135 pounds, but you can only use the bar which is 45 pounds then this is where you will start.

Similarly, if you are injured or simply cannot do air squats then this movement will be substituted for another during your workout so you can still train along with everyone else. You will perform these exercises in rounds for time, at a set amount of reps based on the workout plan you are currently using.

Main Types of Crossfit Workouts

There are six main types of Crossfit workouts that you can perform at a gym or in a workout class. Crossfit typically releases a Workout Of The Day (known as a WOD). These workouts are incredibly varied but typically revolve around one main theme. You can expect to spend a lot of time performing rounds of reps with varied weights and movements at speed.

These are the most popular kind of exercises to be done during this workout, as they will break up the monotony of fitness training and help you become a more well-rounded athlete by incorporating additional parts of the body.

If you are wanting to get into Crossfit, this is some of the terminologies that you will come across and although it may seem overwhelming at first, it is quite easy to get the hang of. The following are the six most popular types of exercises in Crossfit:

EMOM (Every Minute On The Minute)

In this exercise, you will have to start a running clock and perform a set number of reps in every rounds for a time at regular intervals. Despite the name, these might not always start at the beginning of every minute but the rounds for time should be as close to this as possible. These kinds of exercises will push your power of recovery and help you increase stamina as well as strength. These can be performed in a box or with other equipment. Try it: Three clean and jerks every minute for 10 – 20 minutes

RFT (Rounds For Time)

Rounds for time means completing a set number of rounds in a circuit during the allotted time allowed, which will be going as fast as possible. There are short rest periods in between each exercise to help develop muscle endurance. Try it: Eight rounds of 15 dumbbell thrusters, 10 kettlebell clean and presses, 5 kettlebell snatches


This is one round of a series of exercises, those that are typically based on body weight, for a high amount of reps. Chipper needs to be completed in the fastest time possible, often a series of around 20 minutes or so, to get the heart rate going and build muscle. A medicine ball and/or box can be used during exercises. Try it: 100 sit-ups, 75 air squats, 50 burpees, 25 pull-ups in or around 20 minutes.

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

During this kind of exercise, you need to complete a chosen exercise combination as many times as possible within rounds. Rounds are a set amount of time that you are given to perform this combination of exercises. This is a way to push past the mental block that comes when your muscles become tired.

Again, you may find using a box provides a better workout for these movements. Try it: 12-minute rounds of pull-ups and squats while jumping on a box


This requires you to do eight rounds of a high-intensity exercise in intervals, alternating between 20 seconds of intensity with 10 seconds of rest. This is a fat-burning routine that typically comes towards the end of a Crossfit workout. Try it: Eight rounds of ring rows to reach a maximum distance


This is based around one or more exercises that will increase and decrease in the reps over rounds. You should alternate the number of reps you do in all rounds of this part of the workout.

Try it: 1-10 reps of dumbbell thrusters combined with 10-1 reps of pull-ups at the pull-up bar.

What is a good Crossfit class?

Crossfit is an exercise that can be done almost anywhere if you have the right equipment like weights and a box, but you should try to find Crossfit near me fitness classes. This is especially important for beginners to both Crossfit and strength training, as the trainer in a class will keep you on track and help you work out safely for the best results. A class will also provide you with the tools needed, like a box and weights, to give you a good workout.

To give you an idea of what to expect when you sign up to a Crossfit class, here is the basic structure:

1) Warm-up

This is standard for any kind of workout class as you need to get your body prepared for training. Crossfit requires a dynamic warm-up, which means a variety of exercises like Jumping Jacks, jump rope, squats, lunges, and pull-ups.

The warm-up is typically a combination of movements, strength and mobility work that will get you prepared for the high-intensity workout ahead which will include reps of pull-ups and similar movements at some point.

2) Skill and Strength

The type of exercises that are performed here will differ based on the day, as Crossfit alternates between the two to give your body a complete training program. If you are working on a strength day, then this part of the workout will be dedicated to pure strength movements. This can be anything from squats from a box to deadlifts. These strength exercises can be adjusted based on your current fitness levels, for example by using a weight you are comfortable with a first.

If it is not a strength day, then you will be working on enhancing a form of skill such as one-legged squats or increase your number of pull-ups. This is something that you will be working on every week so you can track your progress easily.

3) Crossfit WODs

The Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) is where you will be told by the trainer to do a set amount of reps of a certain exercise as quickly as possible, like those mentioned above In some cases, you may be given a set amount of time for you to do as many exercises as possible. Tools like the box, pull-up bar, and weights may be required here.

4) Cool Down

This is an essential part of any kind of workout where you will focus on stretching your body to ease muscles. In a workout class, this is something you may be required to do as a group or you can cool down on your own if you know what you're doing.

This is a chance to lower the heart rate, soothe the body and generally calm down after that intense workout.