The Yoga Burn Fitness System (also known as the Yoga Burn Challenge) is a custom Yoga Burn program primarily meant for women, offering a full set of sequenced movements in a special routine that can help you lose weight and enhance your natural feminine shape. As a three-phase program with a series of different videos to offer you, it seems like a great choice for new users – but how does the Yoga Burn-brand system actually hold up in practice? This Yoga Burn review will go into the specifics of what is on offer and how it matches up with the marketing.


The Yoga Burn yoga fitness system was created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Zoe is an internationally-certified trainer and instructor who has created multiple highly-rated fitness systems, with every Zoe Bray-Cotton yoga burn variation keeping that same level of quality. Digital Health Solutions Inc. has also been involved, mainly on the technical side of the program.

The Yoga Burn program is built around a single concept: dynamic sequencing. This means that the workout program is providing you with specific training on certain yoga poses, with each one adding another phase to your routine. The idea is that you can start out knowing nothing and gradually learn more yoga poses as you continue with the Yoga Burn program, helping your brain adapt as fast as your body will.

Unlike most fitness programs, this means that you are not expected to start out and do the whole routine straight away. The whole yoga burn program has three different phases, meaning that you can start out with learning the proper form for yoga workouts rather than having to do your own research on yoga fitness first. This almost makes it three different fitness program options in one, letting you start at your preferred level of expertise or get a refresher on the basics if you need to.


The Yoga Burn program is focused on giving women a way to achieve comfortable and natural weight loss, especially among those who want to lose weight without using any pills or supplements. Unlike a gym fitness program, this yoga program is safe enough to do while pregnant, even including a list of modified steps to help pregnant women stay safe. It isn’t as intense as most other workouts, and for a good reason: it is a Yoga Burn total-body challenge aimed at weight loss across the whole body rather than building muscle in a certain spot.

Another benefit of this Yoga Burn challenge is the fact that it makes your body adapt over time. In fact, you are being gradually introduced to different parts of the dynamic sequencing setup and taught individual poses or moves, rather than being flooded with information and told to figure the program out for yourself.

Since the yoga fitness program is specifically designed for women, it can introduce techniques that unisex programs can’t. This makes it even more useful for women who want to lose weight reliably since the progressive yoga program is ideal for body shaping and removing excess fat in key areas – all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Of course, outside of using it to lose weight, you can also consider it a good way to build up your balance and movement skills while exercising.


In simple terms, Yoga Burn is meant to take women from start to finish, using the Dynamic Sequencing method that Zoe Bray-Cotton had a huge role in popularizing. Given that Zoe Bray-Cotton is often credited with being a major creator of this kind of method, the program heavily revolves around it, rather than using it as a small gimmick.


The weight loss program uses dynamic sequencing yoga routines to gradually teach you new movements and work the customer through each ‘phase’ of the workout, meaning that you are getting step-by-step advice to maximize the safety and weight loss your body will experience. Not only is this perfect from a weight-loss standpoint, but it also emulates a personal yoga instructor by covering each step individually: even if you are brand new to yoga and your body can’t stretch very far, you won’t be outpaced or forced to take on things you are not ready for.

The three-phase Dynamic Sequencing Yoga Program is also used to help the customer build up a slow understanding of yoga and the system as a whole. Each new phase level is slightly harder than the last, but also provides more effective movements and helps you master your technique.


First is Foundational Flow. This phase is the basic part of the program and acts as an introduction to new yoga practitioners. However, there is still plenty of value here for people who have done yoga in the past – it teaches you proper form, as well as how to build that important connection between your body and your mind. The Foundational Flow phase is also where you learn about moving to the next two phases safely, minimizing the chance of you hurting yourself by accident.


The Transitional Flow phase is the intermediate part of the workout program and focuses on improving your existing skills to create a much more effective weight loss routine. This phase is the core of the Yoga Burn system and covers things like using fitness accessories properly, keeping your heart rate up, burning more calories, and flowing smoothly between workouts that tackle your large muscle groups. In particular, you will target both your upper and lower body as well as your core.


This phase is the ‘inner circle’ of the Yoga Burn system, covering the repetition of certain key movements to help force muscle fatigue and improve the overall shaping of your figure. It also mentions ways to keep yourself boosted after a tough workout, maximizing your results, and helping you with your fat burn, yoga style. It is on the same level as a yoga instructor telling you her yoga secrets, but with enough control to make you feel like you are not being left behind or overwhelmed with information.


Zoe Bray-Cotton has turned Yoga Burn into a kind of discount package, providing you with quite a lot for a single purchase. If you buy the basic set with no extra add-ons or extras, you will receive:

  • The Yoga Burn 12-Week Body Shaping Course – three phases with nine workouts in total, a quick-start class and 20 unique pose tutorials.
  • Audio-only versions of each class.
  • The Tranquility Flow class, a set of yoga sequences used for stress relief or as a cool-down after your exercise. Tranquility flow might appeal to women who are too stressed to start the program right away.
  • Access to the Immersion Community, a coaching and support community for women taking on the same Yoga Burn journey.
  • Yoga Burn Monthly, an extra set of DVDs that introduce you to new types of yoga that many people may not have tried.


The Yoga Burn system is not your typical fitness system for women – you do not need to go to a gym or dedicated yoga club to take part. Instead, when you purchase from Yoga Burn, you get access to a DVD set that goes through each phase of the workout individually. You also have a digital download that provides you content for your computer, tablet, or mobile device, meaning that you can lose weight on the go if you do not have a television nearby.

The Yoga Burn DVD covers each phase of the program, meaning that you are not expected to shell out more money for the other phases. You can also buy a double-pack of the Yoga Burn DVD program if you were planning to share it with a friend or family member: two physical collections, instant access to the downloads, and minimal hassle over having to pass around a single copy.

Once you have got the DVD or digital download, it is as simple as starting the 12-week program. For most women, Yoga Burn is slow-paced enough to give them time to adjust, but you can also choose to stretch out the 12-week program into 20 weeks or more if you want to take things slowly. Different yoga students will use it in different ways, but when it comes to the positive aspects, Yoga Burn will be very easy to understand and does not take any extra research or preparation to use effectively. Just follow the instructions you are given.


Price can always be a concern when choosing a fitness system for women since some prey on low self-esteem to try and earn more money than they probably should be. The Yoga Burn challenge kit is very straightforward and honest about what it aims to do though, and there are not any major pricing issues to worry about. With the discount from the program’s website page, Yoga Burn costs only $37, or $57 if you buy two sets. Note that this does not include shipping and handling, so plan accordingly.

There are a lot of Yoga Burn accessories you can choose from, as well as other products entirely (such as the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, Yoga Burn Meditation Solution, or the Yoga Kick Start Kit). These will obviously nudge the price up, so people on a limited budget should make sure they are only putting what they want (and can afford) in their cart.

Purchases, including shipping, go through ClickBank. ClickBank is the same tool that many other fitness programs use, meaning that it is generally completely safe as long as you do not give out any information that you should not be and avoid scams. Buying the Yoga Burn set through ClickBank is entirely safe, so there is no need to worry.


If you are not happy with your purchase or find that it does not help your body, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee, regardless of which type of Yoga Burn you bought. If you decide that you regret your purchase or that it is not helping you lose weight, you can call their toll-free number or send them an email to get a refund. With the physical purchase, you will have to return the items, but you will be issued a full no-questions-asked refund once it arrives.

This 60-day money-back guarantee is twice as long as the money-back guarantee offered by most yoga routines and services, so do not feel bad about making use of it if the program is not for you. Zoe Bray-Cotton is an expert at various yoga and fitness types, so she must understand that not all exercise appeals to every person. Through the money-back guarantee, you can easily get back any money that feels wasted, and you have two whole months to decide.


Yoga Burn is a very straightforward program when you think about it – as mentioned in this quick Yoga Burn review, it avoids any kind of “magic” systems for helping you lose weight, instead it focuses on personal improvement for the people who try it out. Shipping can bump the price up slightly, especially if you are shipping from somewhere further away, but it is still an excellent choice for any woman who wants some extra fat-burning options in their life.

Since it is all yoga-based, it is very easy to start. You could be 18 years old or 50 years old, and it would make very little difference – the point of Yoga Burn is to be approachable and easy to adapt to over time, so you are not going to be asked to do the impossible. Customer reviews are generally positive, with the only negative points being the fact that some people end up paying more than they expected.

The Yoga Burn site adds all add-ons to your purchase first and then lets you remove them if you do not want them – some Yoga Burn review writers didn’t notice this and paid more than they had been told they would have to pay. However, that 60-day money-back guarantee should make this kind of problem easy to sort out if you make the same mistake.


If you do not like the amount of weight on your body and/or want to get into yoga for personal reasons, then Yoga Burn is definitely an excellent choice. It might not be as intense as some other workouts, so people who want pure fat-burning and muscle-building could see it as a slower choice, but that is sort of the point. It is meant to be approachable and safe for new users, even giving them advice and alternative ways to continue doing yoga while pregnant.

For people who have some experience with yoga already, the program won’t be a waste of money – even if you are already used to poses and positioning, there is nothing wrong with a refresher, and it can gradually take you into more complex poses or motions that you weren’t already aware of. On the other hand, if you are brand new, then there is plenty of value here, and it might even end up being one of the best options on the market for brand new practitioners.

If you are interested in trying Yoga Burn, do not be afraid to give it a shot – if you do not like it, you have two months to rethink your purchase and get your money back, so take your time and experiment with what it offers you. For such a low price, it is hard to argue that you are not getting your money’s worth if it starts helping you lose weight.

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